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Hello from Motonation!

Well, if you are here you must have had a technical problem with your AGV Sport apparel item, Forcefield armor, Sidi boot or Vemar helmet, for that we are truly sorry. Let us assure you that Motonation will do everything within its power to resolve your issue!

That said, before we begin, you should review Motonation’s limited warranties on your AGV Sport, Forcefield, SIDI or Vemar product.

LIMITED GUARANTEE: All warranties are offered to the original purchaser; Sidi boots and Forcefield Body Armour have a one-year from purchase date warranty for manufacture defects. AGV Sport products are warranted against manufacture defects for 1-5 years depending on the item (Click here for more on AGV). Vemar helmets feature a five-year warranty from manufacturing date. If Motonation determines that the product in question does have a material or construction defect then it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. All warranties are void if, in Motonation’s opinion, the product has been improperly maintained, misused, altered, crashed, modified in any way, or if the usable life of the item has expired. We reserve the right to repair or replace, at our discretion, any valid warranty claim. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other guarantees or warranties implied or expressed.  Buyer assumes all risk for any and all damage caused to him, a third party and/or property by virtue of failure of these products

Warranty Procedure

Now that you have had a chance to read the limited warranty you should check out the FAQs on your product. There may be a simple fix for the issue you are having. If that still didn’t resolve your problem then its time to open a warranty claims case.

Please have a digital copy of your receipt ready and follow the link to the right to our warranty claims submission form. If you do not have your receipt at the moment please submit the form without it. Most dealers keep records of your purchase and should be able to supply you with a copy. If you find your receipt after submitting the claim please reference your RA# and e-mail it to to have it added to your case. Warranty cases without receipts will be serviced at Motonation's discretion.

Fill out the relevant information and send it off. A member of our customer service team will receive a notification of your issue and after reviewing it they will issue a Return Authorization number or “RA#.” From there you may be asked to ship your item to Motonation, or one of our partner repair centers.

If you have any questions about the warranty process or you would like an update on your case’s status, feel free to contact the customer service team.

619-401-4100 Xt 105

General Warranty FAQ

Q: I have a problem with a product, but there is a race this weekend! What should I do?

A: Don’t use the product in your race, ride, ect. If there is a problem it can compromise the product’s ability to protect you. Also, continuing to apply the stress of riding can make the problem even worse possibly voiding your warranty.

Q: Should I wash my item before sending them?

A: Come on now, do you take a shower before you see the doctor? Yes, of course clean them up.

Q: Can I just return my item to the shop I bought them at?

A: You can but we prefer to work directly with our customers. It cuts down on miscommunications which can delay the claims process. Also, don’t expect the shop to know exactly what is possible or how long it will be until you see your item again off the top of their heads. This website page is the same data they access so please read this whole section for all your options.

Q: How long does the repair - warranty process take?

A: This really depends on the problem. Some things are relatively simple to repair or require replacement in which case are usually solved in a week or two. Other times repairs can be more involved and take up to three weeks.

Q: These are my only _____ and my motorcycle is my only form of transportation, do you offer "loaner gear?"

A: No, it would be unsafe to provide you with any gear that has been used by multiple people. While the warranty is being processed try carpooling or public transportation.

Q: Who pays for shipping?

A: We both do. You will be sending us the product, from there we will handle any other shipping costs involved with replacements or repairs via UPS Ground.

SIDI Warranty FAQ

Q: My soles have worn out, is this covered?

A: Wearing out soles is almost never considered a warranty item, this is a wear and tear issue. Take a peek at your soles after every ride and see how they are doing. Replacements for SR model boots are easily done at home, and most other sole replacements can be handled by a good cobbler or by one of our recommended repair centers.

Q: Sometimes my boots squeak when I’m walking, is there something wrong?

A: Because of the different replaceable parts we use you can sometimes hear an audible squeak as the pivot points flex. While annoying, it doesn’t indicate that there is a problem and you won’t be able to hear it over your engine while riding anyways.

AGV Sport, Forcefield and Vemar Warranty FAQ

These brands haven’t had any frequently asked questions in regards to what is covered by warranty. If that changes they will be posted here.







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