So…your racing has progressed where you are now standing on the podium often? Or, you have the “gift of gab” and are always the center of attention at every event?
Well, Motonation may want your assistance in promoting AGV Sport apparel, Sidi boots/gloves and/or Vemar helmets.
There are different levels of support (discounts) available depending on your results and abilities in promoting the AGV Sport, Sidi and Vemar brands.

 To find out where you stand and what Motonation may be able to offer you with Vemar, Sidi and/or SDS, please email Motonation’s Rider Support Manage at rs@motonation.com

To be considered for sponsorship your email MUST contain the following items:

  • Your name (duh)
  • Your complete UPS serviceable address
  • Your daytime phone number
  • Your Email address
  • A list of your greatest (racing) accomplishments
  • Your race results for the past 12 months
  • Your current race schedule
  • Your short/long term objectives and goals
  • Images of yourself, your race bike and your transportation to the races if available

For information on sponsorship from AGV Sport, visit http://www.agvsport.com/rsabout.php





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