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Alloy Stone Wash Jeans
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Alloy Stone Wash Jeans

Alloy Stone Wash Jeans
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Alloy Stone Wash Jeans

Price: $129.00

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  • Features
  • Part Numbers
  • Fashionable yet functional design suits any climate.
  • Comfortable and perfect for everyday riding, but offer the benefit of abrasion resistant protection in the critical areas riders need protection.
  • Constructed of high quality durable12oz. Stone Washed Hand Distressed Denim.
  • 100% Polyester anti-bacterial fixed mesh lining.
  • Real DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber Reinforcement in all high abrasion and impact areas.
  • High Quality 20mm brushed steel waist button.
  • Antique metal front zipper.
  • Lined pockets for comfort.
  • Removable CE certified knee protectors.
  • Perfect to wear over your boots.
  • Machine wash and dry.


AGT-KAL-FBJN-3030 Size 30-30

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3032 Size 30-32

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3034 Size 30-34

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3036 Size 30-36

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3230 Size 32-30

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3232 Size 32-32

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3234 Size 32-34

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3236 Size 32-36

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3430 Size 34-30

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3432 Size 34-32

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3434 Size 34-34

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3436 Size 34-36

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3630 Size 36-30

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3632 Size 36-32

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3634 Size 36-34

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3636 Size 36-36

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3830 Size 38-30

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3832 Size 38-32

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3834 Size 38-34

AGT-KAL-FBJN-3836 Size 38-36


AGT-KAL-DBJN-3030 Size 30-30

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3032 Size 30-32

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3034 Size 30-34

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3036 Size 30-36

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3230 Size 32-30

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3232 Size 32-32

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3234 Size 32-34

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3236 Size 32-36

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3430 Size 34-30

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3432 Size 34-32

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3434 Size 34-34

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3436 Size 34-36

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3630 Size 36-30

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3632 Size 36-32

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3634 Size 36-34

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3636 Size 36-36

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3830 Size 38-30

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3832 Size 38-32

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3834 Size 38-34

AGT-KAL-DBJN-3836 Size 38-36

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