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Sidi ST Boots
    Sidi ST Boots
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    • SKU: SIS-STS
      Sidi ST Boots

    • $374.99

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    The ST draws its design from the offroad world, with the exclusive camlock buckle system integrated into a trackready street boot. The dualcompound sole adds traction when you're off the bike. The ST is known as one of the most comfortable upper level street boots available.

    • External nylon molded ankle brace system.
    • Nylon inner sole with removable arch support pad.
    • Dual compound sole.
    • Sidi's exclusive camlock buckle system for easy entry and boot removal while still offering a perfect glove like fit.
    • Bolt on replaceable, adjustable and aerodynamic nylon scuff pads on the toe.
    • Technomicro is used as a base material.
    • Double stitched in all high stress areas.
    • Closable air vents on the foot outer.
    • All bolt on parts are replaceable.
    • An elastic panel adjacent to the entry zipper allows a bind free zip and improved fit.
    • Lined with antiabrasion Cambrelle® in the foot area for comfort, the upper is lined with Teflon mesh which prevents complete absorption of water and sweat. These materials will not retain water or sweat on the inside of the boot. The boot will dry quickly and the treatment also prevents the onset of mould.
    • DuPont polymer toe shift pad.
    • Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining.
    • Replaceable, shock absorbing heel cup.
    • The ST can accommodate riders with up to a 15inch calf diameter 12.5 inches above from the bottom of their heel.
    • Padded Achilles area.


    SIS-STS-BKBK-41 Size 7.5/41

    SIS-STS-BKBK-42 Size 8.5/42

    SIS-STS-BKBK-43 Size 9.5/43

    SIS-STS-BKBK-44 Size 10/44

    SIS-STS-BKBK-45 Size 11/45

    SIS-STS-BKBK-46 Size 11.5/46

    SIS-STS-BKBK-47 Size 12.5/47

    SIS-STS-BKBK-48 Size 13/48

    SIS-STS-BKBK-49 Size 13/49 $415

    SIS-STS-BKBK-50 Size 13/50 $415


    SIS-STS-BKFY-42 Size 8.5/42

    SIS-STS-BKFY-43 Size 9.5/43

    SIS-STS-BKFY-44 Size 10/44

    SIS-STS-BKFY-45 Size 11/45

    SIS-STS-BKFY-46 Size 11.5/46

    SIS-STS-BKFY-47 Size 12.5/47


    SIS-STS-BKRD-42 SIZE 8.5/42

    SIS-STS-BKRD-43 SIZE 9.5/43

    SIS-STS-BKRD-44 SIZE 10/44

    SIS-STS-BKRD-45 SIZE 11/45

    SIS-STS-BKRD-46 SIZE 11.5/46

    SIS-STS-BKRD-47 SIZE 12.5/47


    SIS-STS-BKWH-42 SIZE 8.5/42

    SIS-STS-BKWH-43 SIZE 9.5/43

    SIS-STS-BKWH-44 SIZE 10/44

    SIS-STS-BKWH-45 SIZE 11/45

    SIS-STS-BKWH-46 SIZE 11.5/46

    SIS-STS-BKWH-47 SIZE 12.5/47"The styling is typically Sidi and I probably would prefer a black ST Air version, but either way, these are first-rate boots and it just doesn't get much better. If you can swing the cost, this is the boot to have.

    SuperStreetBike magazine: "For the rider who wants crazy protection without losing everyday practicality, the ST Air answers the call with protection and style."Well, if the Vortice line weren't so clearly in the lead, we'd have to say that the ST rivals anything else in the market. Fit, comfort, armor and style meet or exceed what you'd expect from a high-end racing boot offered by any other manufacturer.

    Motorcyclist Magazine: "Sporting street riders who do the occasional track day would do well to consider the Sidi ST's.

    RoadRUNNER magazine: "By just looking at the Sidi ST, it is immediately clear this boot is in the business of protection.

    Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine: "Sidi makes the ST Air an all-around excellent boot for sportbike riders on the street and at the track. Truth is, I often wear this style of boot on cruisers for the high degree of protection they afford because foot injuries are some of the worst. So don't get me started on people who ride in tennis shoes or loafers."

    Built by Tayloe Gray