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Sidi Mag-1 Boots

Price: $449.99
Sidi Mag-1 Boots
Sidi Mag-1 Boots
Sidi Mag-1 Boots
Sidi Mag-1 Boots
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Sidi, always the technology market leader is taking race boots in an all new direction with the Mag-1. Combining an innovative internal bracing system with well chosen design elements and materials to create a very lightweight, yet ultra-protective race boot system.
Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure
  • The Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure mechanism is easy and quick to use as well as being highly adjustable and lightweight. The Tecno-3 Magnetic closures close the boot with an extremely resistant stainless steel wire, which is hooked to the clip with the aid of a magnet.
Carbon Fiber Brace System
  • The Mag-1 incorporates an internal support system which is comprised of carbon fiber beams, making up the frame of the boot. This system allows for excellent movement front-to-back while limiting side-to-side action.
Light Weight
  • Sidi boots are well known for being lighter than comparable brands, and they continue to make the boots slimmer and lighter. The Mag-1 boot comes in at mere 4.4 pounds, which is 14oz. or 17% lighter than the Vortice boot! With Sidi compared to other brands, 10-20% lighter is the norm, not the exception!
Tecno-II Buckle System
  • The Tecno-II buckle system goes over the bridge of your foot. With a simple adjustment of the Tecno knob, the internal monofilament line will evenly close and wrap the boot around your foot in micro adjustments for a perfect fit. This system also prevents your foot from sliding forward in a crash thus offering extra protection to your toes.
Tecno VR System
  • The patented Tecno VR adjustable calf system is designed to accommodate calves of virtually any size in a clean, supportive and protective design. With a simple adjustment of the Tecno knob the internal monofilament line will evenly close and wrap the boot around your calf in micro adjustments for a perfect fit. A maximum adjustment of 5cm is provided.
  • Technomicro is used as a base material for many Sidi boots. Technomicro is not just a replacement for leather it is an improvement. Technomicro is stronger than leather, softer and requires almost no break-in. It lasts longer, it's easier to clean and the colors don't run or fade. It's not affected by water or sweat like leather. Technomicro is also laminated for extra strength and longevity.
Non-Bootie Designs
  • Sidi boots do not incorporate inner booties into their design, and for good reason. Booties make the design larger and cumbersome; add to the boots thickness, which interferes with shifting, plus the inner booties retain body heat affecting your performance and comfort.
Cambrelle® Lining
  • Cambrelle® is a synthetic lining material used for high end, outdoor footwear. Cambrelle® is like a base layer for your feet, wicking moisture away and keeping your skin dry and less likely to blister. Cambrelle® fabric can absorb up to three-and-a-half times its own weight in moisture, which it then releases when the boot is removed.
Replaceable Parts
  • Every bolt on component of each Sidi boot is available separately. You can change the various components to replace items that have worn or have been damaged in a crash or to make a custom colored boot to match your personal taste.
Shock Absorbing Heel Cup
  • The Vortices three stage, shock absorbing heel cup is molded in three different densities of plastic, molded into a single element. This system offers a built in shock absorbing range of 3mm. The heel cups internal area is also fully lined with impact resistant thousand-air cell memory foam for an extra level of comfort and added protection.
Air Vent System
  • Sidi air ventilation systems can be opened or closed with a touch of a button depending upon your needs. These vents are incorporated into the replaceable toe scuff pad and helps protect the small and vulnerable foot bones.
Dual Compound Sole
  • The two piece sole is constructed of a rugged polyurethane and rubber blend. It features a removable insert in front of the arch area where most of the wear and tear normally occurs due to sharp metal brake pedals and shift levers. Another patented-exclusive Sidi feature!
Composite Inner Sole
  • The composite inner sole of Sidi boots resists side to side compression, offering greater protection compared to the leather inner soles that our competitors use. The insole features a removable arch support and will never lose its dynamic characteristics, even after months of intense use. Its also water resistant and is designed to withstand high footpeg pressures.
WebBikeWorld.com: "The Sidi Mag-1 boots are surprisingly comfortable and that is the first thing I noticed about them. Other than what some might consider an over-the-top look for street or touring wear, the Mag-1 boots have all the protection you need and better comfort than most motorcycle boots of any type.

Sport Rider Magazine: "Overall control feel with the Mag-1 boot is excellent. The Mag-1 feels a lot more comfortable than a lot of other boots we can think of that have been worn for months.

Motorcycle.com "Sure, the Mag-1s aren't cheap, but the best stuff never is. And if you've ever suffered a foot injury, spending $500 on top-shelf protection is a wise investment.













































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